Spring at the Market

Markets are wondrous places where sights, smells, tastes and noise blend to truly create its own unique breathe. No two are ever the same.

Night markets, food markets, street markets, underground markets, textile markets, dingy markets in sketchy neighbourhoods, Russian markets in Phnom Pehn, junk markets in Seoul: I love them all!

But most of all, I love farmer’s markets.

There’s just something beautiful about buying from the guy or gal that planted the seed, fermented the cheese, baked the baguette, collected the honey and spun the wool.

And now that spring is sort of finally here in Ottawa, it’s time to start going to the Ottawa Farmer’s Market! And I’m so excited.

(But, in order to maintain this excitement, I must not look out the window because it’s snowing. Again.)

I saw a post from the Ottawa Farmer’s Market yesterday and, despite today’s weather, it’s getting geared up for spring too.

I haven’t been able to go to their new location yet so I’m really anticipating my first trip out in 2015.

They’ve moved back to their old location at Landsdowne Park in late 2014 after spending a couple of years at Brewer Park. I must admit, I really enjoyed Brewer Park. It was surrounded by trees, picnic tables, play structures, available free parking and green space. I could have gone without the excessive amount of yellow jacket wasps but even they were attracted to the delicious treats.

But the return to Landsdowne Park sounds really promising too.

Landsdowne itself has undergone major changes and can now host a year around farmer’s market. And, as of May, the market will be open three days a week.

The Ottawa Farmer’s Market has always offered a great day out  so I can’t wait to see how it reinvents itself.

If the weather and the baby cooperate, I’ll be heading to check it out tomorrow morning.

Check it out: ottawafarmersmarket.ca/

Happy weekend,


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