A Lesson in Proximity

I made it out to the Ottawa Farmer’s Market last Sunday for my annual spring pilgrimage.

It’s a yearly event followed by weekly or bi-weekly Sunday visits to peruse stalls, lazily wander about, chat with vendors, have breakfast under a shade tree, buy food for the week and be in the company of like-minded folk.

I wrote last week that I couldn’t wait to see how it evolved in it’s new location and I’m happy to say that it’s still the same lovely, abundant, cheerful and fresh market. I came home with bags full of wonderful products and a tired, happy toddler.

But something happened on the way.

I realized that our Sunday mornings would no longer be spent there.

Now it’s not anyone’s fault. We, both myself and the farmer’s market, moved in the last few months and it’s affected our relationship.

As I’ve moved more south, and further away from the city, it’s moved more north, and into the city’s heart. We’re breaking up because I can no longer justify driving 30 kilometres to buy fresh produce and local products.

Our lack of proximity is turning us into different people. As I’m evolving into a “country” girl, it’s going trendy.

As I’m pushing harder to stay local, it’s just gone too damn far.

I will miss the region’s best honey, fantastic locally made cheeses and the best raspberry scone ever baked but my new home borders farms, food producers and more local-to-me farmer’s markets.

Maybe one day this summer I’ll make the long trek downtown, struggle to find parking, sit in the shade under a concrete building and pick up that amazing honey, cheese and raspberry scone.

But until then, I’m going to spend my weekends exploring smaller farmer’s markets and producers that operate near the village that I live in.

I’m after community, outdoor space and local growers. It turns out that it’s all right in my new backyard!

And that makes me happy.

There are grains, cranberries, eggs, pork, lamb, vegetables, fruit, honey and many other wonderful things to discover…not to mention the Manotick, North Gower and Metcalfe Farmers Markets so close to home.

So let the season begin!

Adieu my beloved market, until we meet again,


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