Small gesture, big ocean

I live about 14,000 kilometres (900 miles) from the Atlantic so I don’t get to inhale that raw power, endless horizon and calming breeze very often anymore.
I’ve dipped my toes (and sometimes more) in the Arctic, Pacific, Indian and Atlantic oceans.

But those places are pretty far from the place I call home.

So I was especially moved by a thoughtful act I witnessed not far from my own backyard.

I watched as a young lady plucked plastic six pack rings from a garbage bin. She cut each individual plastic circle and returned the plastic to the bin.

It was such a casual gesture that I was compelled to talk her about it.

She said she did it for the turtles and the dolphins.

She couldn’t bare the thought of potentially being responsible for the death, maiming or starvation of an ocean creature.

I found some faith in my fellow land locked man that day.

Maybe those plastic rings wouldn’t make it as far as the ocean, but if it did, no dolphin or turtle would be harmed.

Even those of us too far from the ocean can still be mindful of our impact on it. For such a small gesture, it certainly was grand.

Happy World Oceans Day,


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