Not your grandma’s telephone tables

My neighbour was out walking with her dog one day when she noticed a pile of furniture at the end of a driveway with a “free” sign on it.

The next thing I know, she and her son have helped me fill my garage with a 7 drawer solid wood dresser with detachable mirror, two vintage telephone tables and a magazine rack. All solid wood. All gorgeous. All filled with so much potential.

I was compelled to work on these tables first since they were a decorating staple when I was young. I couldn’t resist thinking of every home I’d been in the late 70’s and 80’s (and maybe even into the 90’s). Everyone had these. Hello nostalgia!

It’s a shame you don’t see them much anymore because these tables are vintage cool. They just need a little bit of work to shake off the floral couch and dust skirt vibe.

The table tops were so gorgeous once I got the original finish off that I contemplated turning them into charcuterie boards for Christmas presents.


I painted the legs, leg joiners and spindles in antique white and distressed them for the the shabby chic look.

IMG_9683There’s something unnerving about taking perfectly painted furniture pieces and distressing them with sandpaper. After a glass of red wine though, I really get into it.

Before reassembling, I sealed the pieces with finishing wax and gave them all a good buffing.

I have mad love for how these turned out.




Although home telephone lines are out of vogue, these tables are the perfect spot for a vintage rotary phone and a pretty notepad. But please, let’s leave the floral couches in the 70’s.

7 thoughts on “Not your grandma’s telephone tables

  1. I love how those look and I have questions! What paint brand do you use and is the colour name just ‘Antique White’? Is the stain Minwax Walnut? And I’ve never used finishing wax before – what brand do you use?


    1. Hi Gail.
      It was antique white but I can’t recall which brand of paint. I mix my own chalk paint with regular paint.
      The conditioner and stain are Minwax, as is the finishing wax.
      I used a dark wax on the stain and a natural wax on the legs.
      I’m working on another set of telephone tables now and using the same products.
      It’s a lot of work getting the old finishing off but well worth the effort.


      1. Thanks Jill! I inherited my grandmother’s kitchen table and will love to give it this look. Can’t wait for summer to get working on it πŸ™‚


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