Rustic Growth Charts

Kids grow fast, there’s no doubt about it.

I wanted a clever and cute way to monitor just how fast my own girls were growing so I set out and bought number stencils when my second born was six months old.

Apparently, having a baby and a toddler delays plans.

About a year later, still busy as can be and with the kids growing faster than I could ever imagine, my growth chart ideas never materalized.

Luckily my sister was going to three baby showers this past spring and needed gift ideas. The notion of growth charts re-emerged.

I did three for her and (finally) one for me.

Hers have been long since delivered, as well as the babies who received them, while I still haven’t settled on a final location for mine. Lol. Such is the life of someone who has far too many ideas for her own good.

However, now that I’m making these like mad, they’re happily hanging in other families’ homes.

They’ve become one of my favourite little projects and allow for a spectrum of creativity.

I have rustic growth charts in-stock growth charts and can offer custom made charts too. These are amazing birthday, baby shower or anytime gifts!

Send me an e-mail at 

Happy growing!

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