About Me

Welcome to The Green Bin, my home based upcycling furniture business.

I transform unloved and unwanted furniture into beautiful and unique pieces.

Upcycling helps to curb some of that by repairing, giving a fresh new look and re-homing the pieces of furniture.

It’s a great way to be greener, more sustainable, save money and find some original pieces.

I’m an eco geek always looking for ways to curb my own carbon footprint.

Soon after starting The Green Bin as an eco blog, I found myself picking up an old hobby of refinishing furniture. Before long, the two merged and the shape of The Green Bin began to redefine itself.

So, welcome to my little labour of love. Thanks for the stopping by!



2 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Hi Jill. Your finished pieces are very impressive. You’ve done some great work. The grain in the piece that you stained with the walnut looks great. Gone are the typical black top with white legs or vice versa. Love your color choices. Good work!


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